I have some ideas, constant background project spaces that you may be interested in. These ideas fuel inspiration and help deepen the creative well, an exercise regimen to keep vision, practice, and craft moving at a brisk pace.


The Studio: building, designing, creating from digital mapping of social infrastructure to performance modifications on cars, bikes and other fascinating machinery. Living in Hamilton, I imagine an old, brick early industrial building retrofitted for 21c digital interaction, something suitable for noise, dust and heat.

The Social Imaging Lab: Imagine the Perimeter Institute but then focus on the flow and movement of people amid a sea of data rather than the flow and movement of subatomic particles. The social imaging website is a small start.

Bibz the Book Reader: Bibz is a small robot the size of a thick ruler that "walks" through a closed, hard copy book and reads it aloud to you - drive, cook, walk or relax while Bibz does the reading for you.

Box Gone: A more fully integrated and intelligent system for making all kinds of data, inputs, information and interactions seamlessly integrated.

Rejex: So many ideas that didn't make the cut for funding, support or formal endorsement are really valuable but were passed over for any number of reasons. Funding favours the known and familiar, despite what the promotional jargon says. Rejex mines the "sorry, not this time" stack and finds the fantastic ideas that hit the reject bin.

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